DNCreativeSpace The Story Salon at The Arts Club of Washington

The Arts Club of Washington, in collaboration with Double Nickels Theatre Company, has established the DNCreativeSpace Story Salon.

October 6, 2019 from 3:00 PM until 6:00PM will be our inaugural event. We will host our first Salon with Sunday Supper and invite you to listen to the stories of the 2019 Cultural Heritage Awardees—Willie Leftwich, Therrell Smith and Stanley Ross. These true stories, told by the awardees, will encourage discussion, conversation and camaraderie while we enjoy a Sunday Supper with libations, including champagne and musical interludes.

The DNCreativeSpace Story Salon is made possible, in part, by the National Theatre Corporation Community Stage Connections.

The Arts Club of Washington is the oldest Arts Club in Washington..The National Theatre is the oldest theatre in Washington and the second oldest in the nation. With DNCreativeSpace being a community reminiscence theatre celebrating seniors and veterans while they can still hear their applause, this creative combination provides the answer to the question posed by Petula Dvorak in her Washington Post article celebrating the first Cultural Heritage Awardees: “during this time of significant gentrification, who will tell the stories of Old Washington when everything is new?”. As the oldest Arts Club, in collaboration with the oldest theatre and the oldest community reminiscence theatre in Washington, We Will.

Our first salon features Willie Leftwich, a successful engineer who became an exceptional attorney and, after surviving cancer became a renowned Potter. Following this life episode, Willie survived a severe stroke and relearned to walk and talk. He returned to creating award winning pottery and now contributes to helping other stroke survivors through his nonprofit organization.

Therrell Smith is a highly regarded dance instructor who has lived in her home on Logan Circle for 90 years, she established and taught at her school of dance for seventy-five years. Mrs. Smith still drives her car and still dances. Mrs. Smith recently celebrated 102 years of an extraordinary life.

Stanley Ross is the third honoree. Mr. Ross is the neighborhood sentinel for his community in the Trinidad Section of the city. He has lived in the same house for the last eighty-nine years and made his home the safe haven for all who live in his neighborhood. He is beloved by his community and holds its history. And when Google Maps added the Trinidad neighborhood, it chose Mr. Stanley’s home as the highlighted location.

Come meet these marvelous neighbors and enjoy Sunday Supper with us at the DNCREATIVESPACE Story Salon at The Arts Club of Washington on Sunday, October 6, 2019 from 3:00 to 6:00PM.

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