September 2019 Exhibition 
Exhibition Opening
Friday, September 6, 2019
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Free and Open to the Public

Exhibition Dates
September 6 – September 28, 2019

Monroe and MacFeely Galleries

Travels With Lily:  England, Italy, and Washington D.C.

Kick off the 2019-2020 art season with The Arts Club of Washington in a rare opportunity to see and possibly own an original Lily Spandorf painting, Washington’s own iconic, watercolor painter. Recipients of her estate will attend to share personal insights about Miss Spandorf and her multifaceted career.

At the reception, showing in the Monroe Gallery, Barr Weisman’s documentary film, A View From the Street: The Art of Lily Spandorf.

One lucky visitor will take home a prized copy of the book by Griffin and McCloskey, Washington Nevermore: Cityscapesby Lily Spandorf.

Curator: Dr. Eric Denker, Senior Lecturer, National Gallery of Art

About the Artist

Lily Spandorf was born in 1914 in Vienna, Austria. Her formal quest for art began at the College of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria. In the early 1960s, Ms. Spandorf arrived in North America where the U.S. government quickly became familiar with her artistic talent. She found residence in New York City and later in Washington, DC where her popularity skyrocketed. Ms. Spandorf became a contributing artist for several media publications such as the Washington Post Newspaper, the Washington Star, and National Geographic. Her capturing of the various DC government buildings, monuments, parks, and cultural affairs was admired by US Presidents and other prominent government officials. She was the official in-house artist for President John F. Kennedy. President Lyndon B. Johnson commissioned Ms. Spandorf to paint Washington, DC historical sites and affairs to gift to numerous visiting dignitaries. Ms. Spandorf’s works are home to former Presidents, the US Senate Art Library, the Smithsonian Institute, the Washington Press Club, the White House Library, and the private homes of several US and foreign dignitaries. She died on February 4, 2000, in Washington, DC at the age of 85.


Spilsbury Gallery

Featured Artist: Tanya Roland 

The Spilsbury is a cooperative gallery run by Arts Club members. Participating artists include: Lorna Aldrich, Ken Bachman, Gloria Benedetto-Brazelton, Camilla Bozzoli, Britt Conley, Vicki Doyle, Susie Eisinger, Alessandra Figliuoli, Heida Gramchow, Larry Jarvik, Martine Khadr-Van Schoote, Eleanor Lally, Peggy McNutt, Laura Patten, C. Pamela Palco, Denise Shamoun Phalen, Tihomir Petrov, Carol Porter, June Sherman, Frances Sniffen, Dick Swartz, Lucretia Tanner, Barbara Wright, and Jonathan Zuck.

Arts Club galleries are open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Tuesday through Friday and 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays. Galleries are free and open to the public. Hours are subject to change.

Lily Spandorf, View from Old Studio, watercolor
Lily Spandorf, Shepherd Market in Mayfair, London, watercolor
Tanya Roland, Figure 1, colored pencil and pastel

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