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Scholarship Competition

Scholarship Competition

The Arts Club of Washington sponsors an annual scholarship to recognize promising students specializing in a specific art form or medium. The 2018 scholarships will be awarded to students who create an outstanding work on paper—including such forms as prints, lithographs, etchings, drawings, watercolors, collage, calligraphy, papermaking, and book arts. (Photography is not included.)


The Awards
Winner: $2,000
First runner-up: $1,000
Honorable mention: $750

The competition is open to college students in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia who are at least 18 years of age and who have not reached their 27th birthday by January 1, 2018. There is no entry fee.

The Competition
Scholarships will be awarded to students submitting an original work on paper demonstrating the artistic potential of the art form.
Judges not affiliated with the Arts Club evaluate entries on originality of artistic form, knowledge and technical mastery of materials, and lucid expression of creative thinking in the artist’s statement.
The judges consider such questions as: Does the work display creativity and originality? Does the work engage the viewer? Does the artist demonstrate a true understanding of the chosen medium?
Students submit a CD or a USB flash drive containing single or multiple images of one work. They also complete an entry form and provide an artist’s statement of up to 250 words, a faculty recommendation, and a photocopy of their student ID.
Scholarship winners are recognized and their art displayed at a special event at the Arts Club of Washington on Friday, April 27. Winning pieces are mailed or delivered to the Arts Club by the artists.

Submissions Deadline: Monday, March 19

Mail materials to:
Scholarship Competition
The Arts Club of Washington
2017 I Street, NW Washington, DC 20006-1804

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