Club Officers

Club Officers

The Arts Club is governed by a Board of Governors elected from the membership, supported by a professional staff.

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors, per the Club by-laws, is comprised of Club Officers, Ex-Officio Officers, and Governors. The Board is the executive body of the Club, responsible for the execution of Club policies, laws, and regulations, and with final authority on all Club matters.


President: Henry Sienkiewicz

Treasurer: Charles Parsons
Corresponding Secretary: Doritt Carroll
Recording Secretary: Lorna Aldrich


Jameson Freeman, Antoinette Ford,
Richard McCormick, Susan Rao, Michael Whelan

Trustees of the Endowment

The Trustees consist of six (6) Club members having knowledge of investment and finance, two of whom are elected each year at the annual membership meeting for terms of three (3) years.  The Club President and Treasurer are non-voting members.


Chair: Kamer Davis
Secretary-Treasurer: Anthony Moffett


Jerome (Jerry) Anderson, Martin Murray, Bill Turner.

Non-voting Members

President: Henry Sienkiewicz
Treasurer: Charles Parsons

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