Summer 2020 Award of Excellence Winners

Bruce I. Campbell
Nelson Mandela
Oil on Canvas












Blair Jackson, All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go, Digital Photograph

Blair Jackson
All Dressed Up & Nowhere to Go IV
Digital Photograph

Living on a farm prepared me for the social distancing of the Pandemic of 2020. Most days on the farm, there is no one to see and only pastures, mountains, and hay fields to go. Farm animals wander about, but they are oblivious to the social distancing. They are curious, but would prefer to keep their distance, too. On a farm, one must have a distinct comfort level in working by oneself, a self-direction to get things done, and the strength to walk alone.

—Blair Jackson


Tom Mulczynski
Aegean Vista
Mixed Media


This piece was inspired by a recent trip to the Greek Island of Santorini. The blue and white of the Fluorite mineral base reminded me of the deep blue of the Aegean Sea contrasted with the white of the wave crests. In creating this piece, I imagined a single tree maintaining a lonely vigil atop a windblown outcropping overlooking the Aegean.

—Tom Mulczynski



Tanya Roland
Oil on Panel


I usually spend lots of time on portraits, often many many months. This piece was rather different as I committed to finishing it in four hours.  The outcome has sparked an interest in exploring the method further.


—Tanya Roland



Lucretia Dewey Tanner
Asian Fall

As you view my six paintings on display at the Arts Club of Washington, you will notice that they are all very different. Each represents various emotional responses to a feeling, subject, or state of mind. The painting “Asian Fall” found me in a calm, soothing, tranquil mood which is reflected in the subtle colors and dreamlike quality. It is a feeling I hope resonates with you as well in these trying times.

—Lucretia Dewey Tanner

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